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On 19th July, in Opera (Milan) the GOGREEN Onlus (Charitable Foundation) was established to support initiatives in favour of people and environment.
The project started thanks to the cooperation between Pauline van Driel, official representative of Kampuchea House in Italy, and Nicolas Meletiou, Managing Director at ESO Srl. ESO is in fact the first official partner for this important initiative, but other application requests have already been received by the GOGREEN committee.

The Committee “A house for Cambodian orphans” was formed in the presence of Mr Giuseppe Gallizia, Notary, with the aim to collect funds to finance the Kampuchea House ONG.

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A home for cambodian orphans

Kampuchea House is an Australian-funded orphanage located near the town of Siem Reap, Cambodia.
Kampuchea House has been registered as a local non-government organization (NGO) with funding being provided by Kampuchea House (Australia). Kampuchea House (Australia) Inc. is the management organisation within Australia for the residence situated in Cambodia and known there as Kampuchea House.
KH Australia Inc. has the final say in all issues related to the residence and also raises funds to pay for buildings, salaries and the day-to-day running expenses of the facility. All Australian people involved are volunteers, only the local staff in Cambodia receive a salary.
Kampuchea House is registered with a number of Australian government agencies to whom it has to report annually and provide them with their accounts.
Since March 2008 our children’s class of the Elementary School of Basiglio adopted one of the children by paying each 2 euro per month covering all the expenses of the child (clothes, food, school). I have visited the children in April 2010 and can assure that every single euro is spent on the children and their well being.
The children of Kampuchea House live in Cambodian-style houses - wooden structures on concrete posts. They live in family groupings of six. A house mother, and/or father, is responsible for the running of the house.
This enables the children to live in an environment similar to that of a traditional Cambodian family.

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A home for cambodian orphans
      One of the houses of Kampuchea House..
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